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Mission Statement and Collection Policy 
     The Archives has been created by the Governing Board and the Office of the President and is authorized to coordinate the historical records program according to the Mission Statement.  Designated as the sole repository of the school's history, the Archives acquires and maintains its holdings according to its Collection Policy Statement 

Affiliation with the George C. Carlos Library 
     The Archives is adminstered as a unit of the George C. Carlos Library and is housed in the Samuel K. Bohler Room within the Library.  The Archives operates according to the policies and procedures of the Library.  

Archives Collection Organization and Finding Aids  
    The collection is organized into two basic groups:  Manuscripts and Departmental Records.  Manuscripts include personal papers and artifacts of individuals and are arranged according to the principle of provenance. These may be accessed through Manuscripts Finding Aids.  Records of the schools activiites in any form are designated as Departmental Records and may be accessed through Departmental Records Transfer Finding Aids.  These records are catalogued in a numerical Classification Schedule according to their school functions.  The collection is also catalogued in MARC Record format as a part of  The Carlos Library Athena database.  

Questions and Comments 
     If you have any questions about the Archives contact Rusty Zaring, Archivist. If you have any questions concerning the Archives Web Site please contact Rusty Zaring.


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