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Collection Policy Statement

Statement of Purpose

As defined by its Mission Statement, the Woodward Academy/GMA Archives is charged primarily with the collection and maintenance of items which reflect the history of the school, as well as records possessing permanent administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical value.  The purpose of collecting such records is to provide documentation of the growth and termination of  the Georgia Military Academy, the evolution of Woodward Academy, the activities of its student body and alumni, and the development of its buildings and grounds.  

Scope and Forms of Materials

The collection will cover the late nineteenth century origins of Georgia Military Academy, through the twentieth century evolution of Woodward Academy.  The scope of the collection may be broadly construed to include the history of the school, its non-current records, and topics which directly relate to the school and help to elucidate the significance of its history. 


The Archives acquires materials through donations, loans, deposits, and departmental transfers.  Materials will be accepted which add to the depth of the collection according to the Mission Statement and the overall goals of the Archives, as determined by the Archives Committee.  Acquisitions will be governed by the accessioning and appraisal policies.  

Statement of Accessioning Policy

Donations to the collection are considered a gift and must be accompanied by a signed "Deed of Gift," subject to the specified conditions. Woodward Academy will not be responsible for appraising the monetary value of a gift.    

Appraisal Policy

The collection development is implemented through the process of appraisal, whereby the archivist judges the enduring value of selected records.  Reason dictates that not all records or materials can be kept, nor do all records or artifacts merit permanent retention in the archives.  The following criteria have been established for determining the value of archival materials for accessioning and deaccessioning purposes.      

Documents, artifacts, records, or audio-visual materials must have: 

  • Current and future administrative, legal, or fiscal uses, to chronicle required financial functions or to document legal rights, duties, and obligations. 
  • Potential evidential or informational value, which illustrates the work and functions of the school or will in the future reflect the history of school-related persons, places, or event.                    
  • Reasonably acceptable physical condition for purposes of successful preservation and significant intrinsic value, which suggests inherent worth based on age, content, media, and circumstances of creation.                    
  • Compatible relationship to other records in the collection and the Mission Statement, as well as storage/preservation limitations. 

Appraisal is an ongoing activity which reflects the evolving financial, spatial, and philosophical needs of the Archives. 

Statement of Deaccessioning Policy

Subject to the terms of the acquisition agreement, the Archives and the George C. Carlos Library may , at its discretion, deaccession gift materials which may be determined in the future to have no permanent value or historical interest, to be surplus to the needs of the Academy and its Archives Mission, or which the Archives cannot adequately house.  Deaccessioning may involve outright destruction or transfer to a more appropriate depository.


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