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Collection # DRT-140.0-002

GMA and WA History Collection and Scrapbook,


Main Entry: McKay Library/ George C. Carlos Library
19 Files, 1 Scrapbook

Biographical/Historical Note:
Named after Col. Doc McKay, the McKay Library was created in the 1960s in the original Woodruff Hall. Under Head Librarian Joanne Baker, in the 1980s the library compiled vertical files made of a variety of media including newspaper clippings, pamphlets, etc. In the 1990s, the new George C. Carlos library was constructed and the vertical files were discontinued. Also while in McKay Hall, the librarians maintained a historical display case which included pictures of Col. and Mrs. Woodward, the Colonel’s death mask and saber, and uniform artifacts. An historical scrapbook of unknown origins was also kept at the case. This vertical file entitled GMA History was transferred to the archives. This collection contains some of the most interesting and important information about the history of Georgia Military Academy and Col. Woodward.

Scope and Content:
Arranged by topics and medium, the eclectic collection includes newspaper clippings, handwritten pages, published periodicals, other printed papers, and one scrapbook. The 19 files include a variety of sources including early GMA newspaper ads from 1913 and an 1981 LA Times obituary for alumnus Edwin Pauley. It also contains two copies of the rather famous Look magazine article from March, 1955, “The Littlest Cadet,” and one copy of the Coca-Cola Co. corporate magazine, The Refresher, March-April, 1965, covering the GMA cadets at the President Johnson Inauguration. Of interest is a printed transcript of the 1935 Baccalaureate sermon, “Under Sealed Orders” by Rev. Peter Marshall. Strength and Variety shows were held in the early 1950s under Coach Bill Curry, father of future football coach Bill Curry of Georgia Tech. Included in the collection is a newspaper article, “Miracle of the Dumbbells,” and memo printed copies of two programs for the strength and variety shows.

The collection includes some of the school’s most important historical documents: a 1939 printed “Schedule of Events of the Dedication and Unveiling of a Marker over the Graves of Mr. Aaron Woodward and wife Cleo Ann,” parents of Col. Woodward; a printed GMA historical fact sheet, “History of Georgia Military Academy,” by Col. William R. Brewster (no date); “A Parade Through the Past,” 29-page typed excerpts of Atlanta Journal and Constitution articles covering GMA/WA from 1900-1967, composed by alumnus Martin L. Mickelsen, ‘58; a 17-page handwritten “Chronology” of historical events of GMA through 1979 (source unknown); a handwritten inventory of items associated with Gresham Chapel, the Carlos Administration building, and Woodruff Hall (source uncertain, but probably Kitty Brewster since it included information about the origins of the Dining Hall chandeliers which she obtained for the school).

Of special interest and historical importance is the scrapbook ( green vinyl, 9.5”x12”) created by an unknown librarian. The scrapbook includes: a copy of the a printed tri-fold sheet, “Synopsis of Address by Colonel J.C. Woodward, For Preparing The Western Hemisphere Nations,” 1936, ( a summary of lectures given by Woodward explaining his views of the importance of Latin America and advocating a Pan-American military school); newspaper clippings written by John Temple Graves in West Palm Beach about Woodward’s lectures mentioned above; a copy of printed tri-fold sheet, “A Notable Gift To Education,” 1932, transcript of text of Woodward address deeding GMA to the Governing Board , including reprints of Atlanta Journal and Constitution articles reporting and praising Woodward, (reprinted in Passing In Review, Fall 1969 also in scrapbook); one copy of “Not Made To Die” by John Temple Graves (see Collection #DRT-180.2-008); printed copy of 1921 letter from Col. Woodward to “Baby William R. Brewster, Jr.”

Because of its fragile state due to water damage, use of the scrapbook is restricted.

Subject Headings:
Governing Board 20.0
Presidents- Col. John Charles Woodward 30.1
Presidents- William R. Brewster Jr. 30.3
Busey School 110.0
Development Office- Publications 180.2
Development Office- Alumni 180.3
Facilities- Buildings and Grounds 190.2
Special Events- Graduation 250.5


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