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Collection # DRT-170.4-001

GMA/WA Catalogs,
1960 - Early 1990s

Main Entry: Development Office
Volume: 45 Catalogs, 19 Printed Inserts 

Biographical/Historical Note:  
          For six decades GMA published spiral bound volumes ( called “Viewbooks” by the Development Office), which functioned as a combination catalog/yearbook, containing typical catalog information about the school for perspective parents, as well as pictures and accounts of school activities from the previous year.  The last book covered 1956-1961. 

          In 1961, with a new president and Col. J.W.C. McKay as Registrar, the Admissions Office began publishing a smaller, more colorful, and more traditional catalog.  Over the next three decades, the catalogs were updated under Admissions Directors Paul Stockhammer, Lee Vincent, and R.L. Slider. 

Scope and Content: 
          Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists of traditional GMA and WA catalogs, 1960 - early 1990s.  There are 11 GMA catalogs, 1960-1966.  The 1960 GMA Catalog is larger ( 9”x11”) and spiral bound, resembling the previous “Viewbooks.”  Beginning in 1962, the GMA Catalogs were smaller (7.5”x9”) and more colorful.  The collection also includes Summer Camp and Junior School information, and insert applications and financing plans.  Of interest is a 1959 letter from Capt. Brewster about vacancies and 1965 inserts concerning scholarships and the Summer Honors Program. 

          There are 34 WA Catalogs, 1966-1990s.  The transition from GMA to Woodward is reflected in the colorful catalogs, 1968-1971, including mostly GMA pictures.  The larger gray-colored catalog produced in 1972 ( 8.5”x11”) was a copy of the “Forward Fund” brochure and included a variety of smaller insert catalogs.  In 1974 the 6”x9” catalog was introduced, which remained until the 1990s.  WA catalogs also included applications, tuition statements, summer programs brochures, and inserts concerning developmental reading programs. 

Subject Headings: 
          Summer Programs  200.3 
          Lower School  90.0 
          Upper School  60.0 

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