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Student Honor Council Records,


Main Entry: Dean of Students
11 Files

Biographical/Historical Note:
According to its May, 1992 Constitution, the student Honor Council is an elected student-based organization empowered to deal with cases of student honor code violations-- cheating, lying, stealing. The Honor Council consisted of seven student members, including three seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman. Officers presiding were the President (elected by the student members) and a secretary. Faculty advisors oversee the proceedings. Cases concerning violations of the Honor Code could be brought to the Council through the Dean of Students or the Principal. These records were generated by the Honor Council and retained by and deposited in the Archives by the Dean of Students, who was responsible for overseeing enforcement of Council punishment decisions.

Scope and Content:
Arranged in chronological order, the collection consists of 11 files containing the typed and handwritten paper records of the honor Council, 1989-1999. Composed principally of the photocopied decisions of the Council submitted by the student Presidents to parents of Honor Code violators, records also include some paper evidence. File #1 includes a copy of the Council’s Constitution from May, 1992, which explains a rationale for the Council and the Council’s modes of operation.

Restrictions: Because of the confidential nature of the collection materials, access to all papers is restricted.

Subject Headings:
Upper School Principal 60.1
Dean of Students Office 60.12
Faculty Committees 210



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