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Collection # DRT-260.1-004

WA Senior Slide Shows,
1984, 1986-1987, 1990-1993


Main Entry: Development Office
7 Slide Shows

Biographical/Historical Note:
The Office of Development and Alumni was created in the early 1960s under M.C. Paget and Bob Ballentine. In the 1990s John Anderson became Vice President and Director of Development. Over three decades, under the direction of a number of directors, the Office became more involved in alumni activities and senior activities. In the late 1980s, the Office began to sponsor the Senior Breakfast and Senior Slide Shows for the Senior Banquet prior to graduation. As a result of these activities, the Office of Development and Alumni became the repository for thousands of photographs and photographic slides.

Scope and Content:
Arranged in chronological order by graduating class, this collection consists of seven senior class slide shows, composed of color 35mm slides, which were shown at the annual Senior Banquet before graduation. Five of the slide shows have at least one of its original slide carousels and dozens of loose slides, which were either not included in the original show or fell out of the carousels. A number of the shows also included audio cassettes with accompanying music. The 1996 show has two VHS video cassettes of graduation. The last three shows, 1991-1993, included paper items-- show transcripts, school year calendars, class rosters, school directories, graduation bulletins, senior homeroom rosters. The 1993 show also includes an eclectic group of 98 color and black-and-white candid photos. For more information on these graduation years, see also Collection #DRT-60.1-003 and 004.

Subject Headings:
Alumni Department 180.3
Special Events 250.0
Upper School 70.0
Sports 130.0


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