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Annual Reports of GMA/WA Presidents,


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34 Files, 19 Bound Volumes

Biographical/Historical Note:
After GMA founder John Charles Woodward died in 1939, his son-in-law William R. Brewster was appointed President by the Governing Board. After Brewster retired in 1960, he was replaced by his son William R. Brewster Jr. Captain Brewster served as President of GMA and Woodward Academy for twenty years until his retirement in 1980. Dr. Gary Jones then served for ten years as President until his retirement in 1990. Tom Jackson came to Woodward in 1990 and served as the school’s fifth president until 2000 when he retired and was replaced by Dr. Hank Payne.

In May of each year the GMA/WA Presidents submitted their final “Annual Report” to the Governing Board. These reports gave the Presidents the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the concluding school year and to survey strengths and weaknesses of the school and the prospects of the future. The reports also often listed the financial status of the school, including assets and liabilities, as well as the status of the faculty, athletic programs, and the health and discipline of the students.

Scope and Content:
Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists of 43 typed reports submitted in May of each year, 1958-2000, by the GMA/WA Presidents to the Governing Board at its final meeting. All reports are 8.5”x11”. Reports from 1958-1990 are photocopies in 34 files. Reports before 1982 were stapled. Reports from 1982-1990 were originally in plastic slide folders. Reports after 1990 were either spiral bound or hard-bound. Three reports, 1974-1976, included a separate “Headmaster’s Report” by Headmaster James R. McDowell. The most extensive report was 1990 which included a separate cover “Appendix.” From 1992 until 2000, Tom Jackson also published a “Mid-Year Report” which he submitted to the Board at the annual January meeting.

These “Reports” represent an important account of the history of the school from the perspectives of its most important leaders, including some financial records. Although many of the reports concern the rather mundane ebb and flow the school’s life, at points in the introductions and conclusions the Presidents made important observations about contemporary events, such as Sputnik, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War, and how these events were shaping the present and future of the school. Over time these reports became much longer and complex and included individual reports from nearly all school divisions and organizations.

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