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Collection # DRT-40.0-001

GMA and WA Papers Relating to SACS
Evaluations, 1953-1998


Main Entry: Headmaster
Volume: 6 Boxes

Biographical/Historical Note:
Although GMA in the 1950s had no position called “headmaster,” the position of Superintendent assumed similar responsibilities. Beginning in the 1960s, Headmasters were appointed as assistants to the President. William R. Brewster Jr. served as Superintendent in the 1950s before his appointment as President in 1960. He was followed by Superintendent Col. V.J. Impeciato from 1960-1962. In 1962 Col. Roy T. Sheffield became “Assistant to the President.” In 1963 his title was changed to Superintendent and in 1967, Superintendent and Vice-President. The position of Headmaster was created in 1969 and was held first by Sheffield until he left the school in 1973. After James R. McDowell served as Headmaster for three years, 1973-1976, President Brewster left the position vacant. In 1980, new President Gary Jones appointed Don Woolf, formerly the Principal of the Lower School, as the new Headmaster. Woolf served in this position until his retirement in 2000. He was followed by Ron McCollum who had been Principal of the Upper School for fifteen years.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Superintendent and Headmaster’s Office was the periodic SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, in the 1950s, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools) evaluations. The accreditation process was complex and involved ten-year and interim evaluations of every aspect of the school’s operation, including food services and facilities. Although the Headmaster was officially in charge of the process, nearly everyone in the school took part through faculty committees and department reports and the evaluation committee’s visit to inspect the school. The accreditation process generated numerous forms and even volumes of information concerning curriculum and faculty profiles.

Scope and Content:
Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists of six boxes of loose and bound paper volumes concerning SACS evaluations for GMA and WA from the 1950s through 1998. Materials contain correspondence to individuals who were on the visiting evaluation committees and the Georgia Accrediting Commission, which oversaw the process. Especially in the 1950s, when interim reports were apparently required on an annual basis, a large part of the collection consists of copies of required SACS forms. These reports give an interesting insight into the school in the late 1950s and early 1960s since they include significant information about the faculty, including their certification status, salaries, education and class loads, and the overall school curriculum. In the 1960s, individual reports described the holdings of the library and the activities of the Summer School. As the school became larger and the curriculum more complex in the 1980s and 1990s, the reports for SACS became much larger. The 1982 report consumed five bound volumes (only four are in this collection). The 1990 process produced eight extensive volumes outlining the entire curriculum of the school. Four large notebooks contain the extensive “Ten-Year” study process in 1993. This collection provides an excellent overview of the school’s changing curriculum over a forty year period.

Subject Headings:
Upper School 60.0
Middle School 80.0
Lower School 90.0
Primary School 100.0
Busey School 110.0
Woodward North 120.0
Facilities 190.0
Summer School 200.3
Faculty Committees- SACS 210.1


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