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Richard C. Gresham Chapel Artifacts,

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Biographical/Historical Note:
Although it is uncertain if Georgia Military Academy officially had a Chaplain before the 1960s, religious observances were central to the school from the beginning. Col. Woodward provided chapel facilities almost immediately. The Richard C. Gresham Chapel was dedicated on May 14, 1967. The chapel was named in honor of Richard Gresham, ‘07, a member of the Governing Board and lifetime friend of Robert Woodruff. A Baptist minister in Moultire, Georgia, Gresham appeared many times at the school over decades to preach or address the students for Religious Emphasis week. When he died, he body was buried on the grounds of the Chapel. In the 1960s, Rev. Park Tucker served as Chaplain, followed by Rev. Bob Gibson in the early 1970s. Over the next twenty years a number of individuals assumed the position of Chaplain. In 1996, Bob Lawrence, who transferred these items to the Archives, became school Chaplain.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of two artifact items from the Gresham Chapel, a “Register of Church Services” and a Chapel Sign-In book. A standard log book of church services, the Register was begun by Rev. Bob Gibson in August of 1972, and listed services through March, 1974. Gibson noted that, “Previous services not recorded by chaplains.” The Sign-In book is engraved on the cover with Richard C. Gresham Chapel, but contains no dates. It was signed first by Richard C. Gresham, but seems to have been used sporadically over some years after the dedication of the Chapel.

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