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Collection # DRT-60.12-003

WA Discipline Board Records,
1973-’75, 1979-’84, 1987-2000

Main Entry: Office of the Dean of Students
53 Files

Biographical/Historical Note:
The last Commandant of Georgia Military Academy was Col. John R. Burnett, who retired in 1966 as the military program was phased out. The Commandant’s Office was responsible for cadet rules and regulations and all discipline. This position carried formidable responsibilities given the military atmosphere and the number of boarding cadets. Art Krueger became the first Dean of Students of Woodward Academy in 1966. He had been an assistant to Col. Burnett during the 1960s. Dean Krueger retired in 1986 and was followed by Rusty Slider, a 1975 alumnus, who had previously served in the Alumni and Development Offices. When Slider moved to the Director of Admissions position in 1990, Elaine Carroll became the first female Dean of Students. Dean Carroll was also an alumna of the Class of 1975, a member of the science department, and an Assistant Dean of Students. The responsibilities of the Dean of Students began to change somewhat in the 1980s as the boarding enrollment dwindled and the overall student population grew significantly. The boarding program was discontinued in 1993.

The Dean of Students was also responsible for referring severe discipline cases to the Discipline Board. An official arm of the Governing Board, the Discipline Board was composed of teachers who served rotating terms. This group decided if a student should be dismissed from the school or retained under restrictions. The Discipline Board heard only cases which the Dean of Students referred to them as very serious in nature. The Dean of Students was responsible for investigating, gathering evidence, and summarizing cases. Records of the Discipline Board were kept by the Dean of Students.

Scope and Content:
Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists of 53 files of paper records concerning the actions of the Upper School Discipline Board, 1973-1975, 1979-1984, 1987-2000. The materials cover principally the period 1987-2000 when Elaine Carroll was the Dean of Students. The materials are mainly typed and handwritten pages relating to the decisions of the Discipline Board. Materials also include annual applications submitted by students who wanted to serve on the Discipline Board. These records offer an interesting reflection of some of the fundamental social issues which concerned the school and society, such as drug and alcohol abuse. As discipline expectations changed over time and the boarding program was phased out, the number of discipline cases declined significantly.

Restrictions: Because of the confidential nature of the collection materials, access to all papers is restricted.

Subject Headings:
Governing Board 20.0
Presidents- Dr. Gary Jones 30.4
Student Organizations- Discipline Board 230.7
Faculty Committees- 210.0

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