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Collection # DRT-70.0-001

WA Graduation Materials, Eagle Awards,
and National Honor Society Material,

Main Entry: Academic Dean
54 Items

Biographical/Historical Note:
Beginning in the 1960s, The Office of Academic Dean functioned much like an assistant principal, assisting in student class placement, faculty class assignments, permanent records maintenance, guardian of graduation requirements and student awards, and counseling. In the 1960s, Elmo Mitchell first served this position and then Aaron Turner. In the early 1970s, Roger Sloan, who first began teaching Social Studies in 1971, assumed these responsibilities. As the Upper School counseling program was gradually expanded from the 1970s, Sloan, as Academic Dean and Assistant Principal, became responsible the entire underclass and college counseling programs. By 2000, when the counseling department had grown to nine full time positions, the job of Academic Dean had also become the Director of Guidance and had wide ranging responsibilities, including academic graduation requirements, grade distribution and verification, student academic awards banquets, and college placement. In 2000, Sloan also took a leading role in the establishment of the first on-line computer grading systems. For many decades, Sloan was also the official sponsor of the Randolph W. Thrower Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Scope and Content:
An eclectic group of 54 items, this collection consists mainly of items which reflect the widely varying activities and responsibilities of the Office of Academic Dean. The majority of the collection is items relating to graduation, including diplomas and caps and gowns. In the 1990s, President Tom Jackson changed the WA diplomas from the traditional large-style to a smaller 8.5”x11” style with a red leather cover. To celebrate the school’s Centennial, a special Centennial diploma was created, including the signature of Col. Woodward and other aspects of the GMA diploma. This collection includes two new WA diplomas and three Centennial diplomas with cases and five without cases.

In the 1970s, the school supplied blue graduation robes and caps, which were stored and reused for a number of years. In the 1980s, the school switched to red graduation robes and caps, which the students purchased and kept. This collection includes one blue robe and cap and two red graduation robes and one red cap.


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