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Development and Alumni Publications, 1961-1995 Passing In Review (1961-1979)  Woodward Academy Alumni News (1976-1978) The Academy In Review (1980-1982) Academy:For the Record (1988-1990) Academy (1984- 1995)  

Main Entry: Development Office 
10 Bound Volumes, 137 Magazines, 3 Papers 

Biographical/Historical Note: 
         The Office of Development and Alumni was created in 1961 by Capt. William R. Brewster.  M.C. Paget was the first director (1961-1968) and Bob Ballentine was the first Public Relations Director in the 1960s, when he initiated the publications.  The Office has been responsible for Alumni affairs, publications, annual giving, and other organized fundraising efforts, such as Capital Campaigns.  Over decades the office underwent a number of reorganizations with numerous directors, systems, and programs. 

Scope and Content: 
          Arranged in approximate chronological order, this collection contains printed publications, 1961- Spring,1995, comprised principally of bound and unbound magazines.  The first issue magazine is Passing In Review, 1961-1979, bound in eight volumes with multiple unbound duplicate copies.  This publication was changed in Summer, 1980, in format to 10.5x14 newspaper, and in name to The Academy In Review, Summer, 1980-Fall, 1981 (5 issues bound, 5 unbound duplicates).  The format was changed back to a magazine in 1982 ( 2 issues, Summer, 1982-December,1982, bound in Volume VIII, 2 unbound duplicates). 

          A new glossy magazine Academy was initiated Spring,1984-1995, (bound Vol.IX, Spring,1984-Spring,1988, multiple unbound duplicate copies, 1984-1988, and unbound issues 1988-1992, 1995).  A supplement publication Academy: For the Record ,1988-1990 was issued in 10.5x14 newspaper format ( 3 issues bound in volume The Academy In Review, 3 unbound duplicates).  The collection also includes a short tri-fold supplement, Woodward Academy Alumni News, 1976-1978 ( 4 unbound issues). 

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