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Collection # DRT-240.2-003

Student Newspapers, The Woodward Academy Blade, 1997- Present  

Main Entry: Student Publications                          Volume: Periodic Accrual 

Biographical/Historical Note: 
          The first student newspaper published by Woodward Academy in 1968 was The Woodward Academy Review.  The paper was renamed in the fall of 1972, The Woodward Academy Vorpal Blade, which was shortened in the fall of 1978 to The Woodward Academy Blade.  The paper remained basically the same size and composition.  Over decades there were numerous faculty advisors including long-term Woodward teachers Cleo Hudson, Joy Fulton, Lucy Klein, and Sandra Pounds Slider. 

Scope and Content: 
          Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists of  unbound copies of the  student- published newspaper, The Blade,  May, 1997- present.  The collection begins with an 8-page, 8.5”x11”, supplement issue announcing late-year developments, including the resignation of Lucy Klein, who had for a number of years been the newspaper advisor.  Still “On the Cutting Edge,” the October, 1997 Blade was in a new 11.5”x16.5”, multi-color newsprint format. See Collection #DRT-240.2-001 and -002 for previous issues.  Systematic archives collection of periodic issues of The Blade began in 1997 and continued through periodic accrual of department records transfer from Student Publications and the staff of The Blade. 


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