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  Collection # DRT-240.2-001   
Student Newspapers, 1924-1991

The Gamilacad (1924-1968), The Woodward Academy Review (Nov., 1970- May, 1972), The Woodward Academy Vorpal Blade (Sept., 1972-May, 1978), The Woodward Academy Blade (Sept., 1978-May, 1991)  

Main Entry: Office of Development  Volume: 3 Volumes, 219 Newspapers

Biographical/Historical Note: 
          The first student newspaper “Published by the Cadets of the Georgia Military Academy” and “Dedicated to the Progress of GMA,” The Gamilacad  (Georgia Military Academy), was printed from approximately 1907-1968.  When the military program was phased out completely in the fall of 1968 the student newspaper was renamed The Woodward Academy Review.  The paper was renamed again in the fall of 1972, The Woodward Academy Vorpal Blade, which was shortened in the fall of 1978 to The Woodward Academy Blade.  Over decades there were numerous faculty advisors including long-term Woodward teachers Cleo Hudson, Joy Fulton, and Lucy Klein. 

Scope and Content: 
          Arranged in chronological order, this collection consists entirely of student published newspapers from 1924-1991.  The collection includes 116 scattered copies of the first paper, The Gamilacad, in one bound volume ( 7 issues, 1924-1929) and 109 unbound copies (1926-1968).  The volume of papers increase over time, with the most from the 1960s, including numerous duplicates.  The Woodward Academy newspapers are more complete and less scattered (11 unbound originals, 2 bound volumes with 94 duplicate issues). 
          From the earliest days, the basic form was traditional newspaper, varying in size and style to some degree.  The Gamilacads from the 1920s were quite extensive in a journal style, some exceeding fifty pages, and contained multiple pages of local advertisements, suggesting strong connections with the local community.  Over decades, the papers became significantly shorter and were sometimes sold by subscription. 

          Because of their fragile state, use of all copies of The Gamilacad is restricted. 

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