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Collection # DRT-240.3-001   

GMA and WA Student Literary Magazines, 1964, 1970-1974, 1981-1996

Format (1964),In A Sylvan Wind (1970), Sword and Chalice (1971-1974), Silent Voices (1981-1996)  

Main Entry: Student Publications                          Volume: 40 Magazines 

Biographical/Historical Note: 
          The first “official literary magazine of Woodward Academy,” In A Sylvan Wind was published in 1970.  The faculty advisor was Cleo Hudson, who taught at Woodward for over thirty years.  Mrs. Hudson was also the advisor for the Sword and Chalice in 1971.   In 1981 a new literary magazine entitled Silent Voices was inaugurated.  The faculty advisor through 1996 was Carolyn Haldeman, a longtime English teacher.  Increasingly, the magazine came to include student art.  In 1991 Chris Greenway, Chairman of the Visual Arts Department, became the Art Editor. 

Scope and Content: 
          Arranged in chronological order, the collection consists of forty magazines of varying lengths and sizes, published annually by students, 1970-1971, 1981-1996.  The first magazine, In A Sylvan Wind, was the shortest publication (20 pages). Sword and Chalice was the next shortest magazine (40 pages) and was printed in-house in 1971.  Silent Voices was published continuously beginning in 1981.  From 1981-1985 the magazine was much longer, although the size remained the same.  The staff experimented with a variety of bindings, including brass clips, plastic slides, and plastic spirals. 
          From 1986-1991, Silent Voices underwent a number of major changes, although the basic size remained 8.5”x11”.  Beginning in 1986, the length of the magazine was significantly reduced and the printing was done outside the school on glossy paper with staple binding.  Also, more original student drawings and photographs were included.  The new format won a number of awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholatic Press Association, as it continued to do nearly every year. 
          Beginning in 1992, the magazine began to vary in size (8.5”x9”) and emphasized student art as much as literature.  In 1994 it was subtitled “Art and Literary Magazine,” although this was reversed in 1996.


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