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Collection # MS-003

Paul C. Koenig Papers,

Main Entry: Development Office
Volume: Three Files  

Biographical/Historical Note: 
          Paul C. Koenig came to GMA in 1947 as Bandmaster and Choral Director in the Music Department.  He began to rebuild the band which, according to newspaper clippings, had atrophied during World War II.  With some new facilities the band experienced growth and participated in a number of festivals and parades.  Koenig left GMA in 1950. 

Scope and Content: 
          The collection consists of one hand-written letter, one photocopy program, three newspaper clippings, and four black-and-white photographs.  The letter, dated 11/13/92, was written by Paul Koenig and explains his tenure at GMA and how the Development Office came to possess the papers.  Newspaper clippings from the 1947 and 1949 student newspaper Gamilicad and from a 1950 local paper relate activities of the band, including a picture of the band and Koenig marching in the 1949 Southeastern World’s Fair Parade in Atlanta.  Four photographs, all 8”x10” with no dates, include Koenig and the Senior Glee Club including the Junior College, Boys Octet, and the Junior School Chorus.  Also included is a two-page photocopy program of “The 3rd Annual Strength and Variety Show,” produced by Maj. William A. Curry (father of  Georgia Tech football coach Bill Curry), music provided by Capt. Paul Koenig and the GMA Special Circus Band. 

Subject Headings: 
          Upper School Performing Arts Dept.  60.9 
          Physical Education Dept.  130.1 
          Student Organizations-the band  230.4 
          Graphic Images and Photographs  260.0

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