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Collection # MS-011

Horace L. Cooke Papers,
1936-1937, 1975, 1985, 1997


Main Entry: Horace Lindsay Cooke
16 items

Biographical/Historical Note:
Horace Lindsay Cooke (1918- ) was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 28, 1918. He attended high school in Birmingham before entering GMA in January of 1936. He graduated from GMA in May, 1937. While at GMA, he was a champion pole vaulter and an accomplished rifleman.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of two paper athletic letters, eight photocopied pages from the 1936-1937 GMA catalog, six photocopied newspaper clippings, three photocopies of personal photographs, and photocopied and original correspondence. Items concern Cooke’s athletic and rifle team activities while at GMA and photos from his graduation in 1937. The collection includes three photocopied letters from Col. M.C. Paget, who was Cooke’s track, replying to correspondence from Cooke, dated Nov., 1975; July, 1985; January, 1997. Also is an original letter from Capt. William R. Brewster, a GMA classmate, dated July 16, 1985.

Subject Headings:
Presidents, William R. Brewster, Jr. 30.3
Admissions Office, Publications 170.4
Director of Athletics, Sports 130.3


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