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Collection # MS-014

Herbert F. Hales Collection,
1937, 1958-1962, 1966-1968


Main Entry: Herbert F. Hales
Volume: 6 Yearbooks, 5 Newspapers, 12 Magazines, 55 Photographs

Biographical/Historical Note:
Herbert F. Hales (1943- ) was born on December 21, 1943. He entered Georgia Military Academy in September, 1958 and graduated in May, 1962. At GMA he was a member of the track team and the Glee Club. He graduated from the University of Illinois and returned to his home in Danville, Illinois where he pursued a business career. Hales’ father graduated from GMA in the 1930s and his younger brother graduated from GMA in the 1960s.

Scope and Content:
The collection consists of personal items from his years at GMA including six yearbooks (1958-1962, 1967), five copies of the student newspaper, The Gamilicad, and eleven copies of the alumni publication Passing In Review. Also included is a magazine called Beautiful Sydney, where Hales had apparently visited. The collection also contains 53, 3x5, candid photographs from the 1960s, mostly of students in dorms and cadet parades, and one rolled panorama of the Student Body in 1937 when his father was a student.

Subject Headings:
Development Office Publications 180.2
Alumni Department 180.3
Student Records 220.1
Student Publications The Grenadier 240.12
Student Newspapers 240.2
Graphic Images and Photographs 260


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