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Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodward Academy/GMA archival program is to identify, collect, organize, and preserve the official non-current school records, associated organizational publications, personal papers and manuscripts, and artifactual objects relating to the Academy, which are of sufficient historical, legal, or administrative significance to warrant permanent preservation.  The collection may be broadly construed to incorporate a variety of media including paper records, audiovisual materials such as video and tape recordings, graphic records such as photographs and drawings, and any other tangible remnants of the past. 

The historical records program of the Archives is predicated on the importance of history as it informs human understanding and future decisions.  The mission of the Archives is to elucidate the knowledge and understanding of the origins and long-standing aims and goals of the Academy, in order to perpetuate the values and interests of the school and its students. 

The Archives provides adequate facilities and systems for the retention, servicing, and preservation of the collection, according to the highest accepted archival standards.  The Archives appraises, organizes, describes, and manages the historical records to assist the various operations of the school and for the research and reference needs of the faculty, staff, administration, student body, and alumni, as well as other individuals or organizations whose activities have relevance for Woodward Academy. 


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